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Shamanism is to be Nature, it is to be animal, it is not to feel the separation between human beings and Nature. Unfortunately humans misunderstand, most of them have ill minds, so they miss the Paradise. We, as heartconnected friends, call ourselves Cabocla Tribe. We created a sacred Space, the Giardino dell'Eden, following a Vision, re-learning to be NATURE.

We are committed to provide humanitarian aid to our brothers the Kariri-Xocó tribe. We also consider ourselves as a tribe: we are Italians, Germans and Slovenes, but we are united as one family.



The Kariri-Xocó are a tribe that lives in the state of Alagoas in northeastern Brazil. It is one of the last group of indigenous people in the world who still fight with strength and honor for its survival and for the defense of its roots and traditions.
The name Kariri-Xocó was adopted about onehundred years ago when the Xocó were driven out of their peasant-invading land and took refuge with the Kariri on the other side of the river to survive.

Our Motivation

To help the Kariri-Xocó means to let the innocence survive! The meeting with this indigenous tribe meant for us to reestablish full contact with Mother Nature and make a deep evolution to reconnect with our soul. The Kariri-Xocó are a great example of dignity, a treasure chest full of authentic values. To be able to help them fills us with pure joy.

Connection and Mission

The year 2019 ended with the greeting by our Cabocla tribe. They opened the doors of their village to us with love and open heart, they taught us their sacred songs and the rituals associated with the elemental forces.
Since the birth of this strong connection, we have had a call to be there to help them! We create together their own sacred space, the center Sambukà, and we invite to participate people who know the importance to preserve their authentic nature and do not want contaminate their culture. 


As part of the Kariri Xocó and Cabocla tribe project, we collect donations to build and expand the Sabuká Kariri Xocó Peretó Kanghí Teroá cultural center as it has become their new livelihood. In fact, the government has already attempted to expropriate part of their land, forbidding the tribe to hunt or fish, which has severely restricted their survival.
We help them by selling handicrafts in Italy, Germany and Slovenia and through spontaneous donations and by organizing groups to Brazil for our Cabocla Tribe. This will make it possible to welcome more and more people to their center and to bring also kariri xocó youths back in touch with their path of life.
The first objective was to enable them to create a network of canals that bring water from the Porto Real do Colégio river to the center without having to buy it in the city. But the project is still big and there is so much to implement. The next steps are: building houses for visitors to the center, expanding the kitchen and creating aquariums for fishing.  

Trip to Brazil and Purchase of local crafts

Trip to Brazil

The trip to Brazil is a unique opportunity to get in touch with the culture and customs of our Brazilian tribe. People who have never come into contact with us can learn local dances, songs and rituals, all this will help to rediscover the true connection with Mother Earth, the Father Heaven and the Heart of the Great Spirit!

It is an extraordinary event that this Brazilian tribe is opening the doors of its village to the Europeans! They expressed their willingness to teach us ceremonies, songs and dances, and it is a great privilege for us!
Travel there with us!
It will be unforgettable days and concrete humanitarian aid. 

Buying local handicrafts

Your help is important! The chieftain needs them to support his people and improve the craftsmanship: feathers, ritual pipes, ritual body paintings, T-shirts of the indigenous people.

Return to the source and meet one of the last indigenous tribes in the world fighting with pride and dignity to defend their values ​​and traditions.

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Take part!

Information about the trip to Brazil

and to purchase Kariri Xocó artifacts:

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Book your trip tpo Brazil.
Next departure: December 2020.
Program from 28th of December to 8th of January 2021:
The experience begins at Aracaju Airport, located north of Bahia and 2 hours drive from the village of our Kariri-Xocó tribe. Everyone lands on 27th of December.
From December 28th to 31st we will spend four days with the indigenous in the Sabuká cultural center, learning the traditional dance Torè and its songs, experience sacred ceremonies, spiritual walks in nature, traditional body paintings and much more.

From the 1st of January to 5th of January we will enjoy Praia do Francês near Maceió: beautiful white beaches, nature, relaxation and outdoor activities, sports and yoga.
From the late afternoon of January 5th to January 7th we visit a traditional Brazilian shamanic center, take part in another ceremony and meet Umbanda. We will return to the airport on the 8th of January. Click here to see the costs and the full program.

Buy local tribe handicrafts
Necklaces with seeds of protection and energetic cleaning,
Earrings and feathers from local bird populations. Ritualistic pipes called cashimboo or paui for connection with Il Grande Spirito, the Great Spirit, hand-decorated maracas or medicinal herbs typical of the region.

You will find our banquet during the events and trade fairs or you will receive the artifacts delivered to your home by post. We ship all over Europe.

We are also on eBay. Ask for the complete collection.

We are waiting for you! Bring love and respect.


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